Australia TAFE and University entry

counselling Program

Our professional counsellors have relevant information to assist students to go along correct academic pathway to enter student’s desirable Universities, College and TAFE. Students are guided by our experienced counsellor to ensure study in an appropriate curriculum and co-curricular arts, sports and culture program to be ready for globalized their future career.

Our professional counsellor do

  • To provide information of Queensland Overall Position(OP- An OP is a student’s position in a state-wide rank order based on their overall achievement in Authority subjects) and other states ATAR( Australian Tertiary Admission Rank)

  • To provide information of HSC-The Higher School Certificate (HSC-is a locally, nationally and internationally recognised qualification for students who successfully complete secondary education in NSW)

  • To provide appropriate information in selection of school subjects for entry requirement for TAFE College and University in Australia.

  • To provide information about Australian and UAS Universities entry requirement

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