Early childhood program

We assist  parents who wish to experience Australian early childhood education with their kindergarten age children(Age 4-6)
We assist in applying in kindergarten, arranging accommodation, all other living aspects during their residency.
Australian early childhood learning frame is designed to provide a vast range of learning experience which includes cultural diversity, language development, social learning, early mathematical understanding and positive learning disposition.
The Early Years Learning Frame Work Belong, Being and Becoming was introduced by Australian government in 2007, the curriculum is recognised world widely for its high quality early childhood education program.

Why Australia is attractive for kindergarten students

Fresh healthy Australian food

  • Australia is well known for its  clean natural environment. The range of fresh organic products( dairy products, fresh fruits,  vegetables, fresh meats, fishes and many more) are available in  supermarkets. 


Inclusive and opening education environment

  • regardless of the children’s abilities, needs or race, Australian Early childhood curriculum is designed to be inclusive and opening learning environment to enhance children’s sense of belonging, self esteem, confidence and appreciation of diversity in others


Multicultural society

  • Australia is a society of people from a rich diversity of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds.  Especially, Australia kindergarten learning setting provide a vast range of multicultural learning resources. Children would explore different language, culture, tradition and race to expand their multicultural awareness, and allow them to have a prospective global vision in their future


The safest living environment

  • Australia’s major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane comply to many categories of safety check worldwide due to lower crime rate, well organized police force, solid legal system and fairy protective from natural disaster, world class medical system.


Nature and Wildlife environment

  • Australia has some of the world's most distinctive and diverse natural environments, with unique wildlife, and spectacular landscapes, including many national parks and World Heritage Areas. Children enjoy Australia’s native plants and animals, explore wide open spaces,  discover ancient rainforests on the fringe of modern cities and  most pristine water environments on earth.

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