Mainstream Day Program

We provide relevant information in assisting students school selection for a successful academic pathway. Our service provides a internationally-orientated curriculum which enables students to further transition into their study pathway in Australia, either private and public schools. We also offer a wide range of support services English preparation program, academic, vocational counselling, assistance with homestay and accommodation.


Mainstream program provides

  • School Application Process - We process student’s application according to each school’s enrolment procedure which includes collecting student’s information, receiving eCoE (electronic confirmation of enrolment) for issuing student visa, testing on arrival , arranging  interview with head of school and college principal

  • Searching Home Stay Family - We arrange homestay family after reviewing each student’s own information and request.  All of our host families are thoroughly checked prior to placement and are required to hold a current Suitability Card-Australian government request.

  • Attending parent and teacher interview - Our Local coordinators attend to parent interview on be half of the parent. We review student’s academic report and other co-curricular progress with class teacher, subject teachers and co-curricular teachers on regular base. The interview result is documented on monthly report then, sent to local agencies for parents.

  • Organising academic private tutoring - If students seek for additional private tutoring assistance, we also organise qualified private subject tutors and assist to homework, assignment and exam.


  • Traditional program is designed to position students for tertiary admission though ATAR(Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) entrance or a TAFE(Tertiary and further Education)

  •  Students enable to achieve the best possible results for assessment pieces while giving them confidence in what can produce the lead up to tertiary studies. It allows students to choose from the full variety of subjects that they have the necessary prerequisites. 

Honors program

  • The honor ship program is designed for students of high academic ability. Students can achieve the best possible ATAR in order to complete for a place in medical, Law School or similar degrees.

  • Students who are looking to challenge themselves by choosing this program and striving highest levels to achieve their best academic results.

Co – curricular program

A wide range of co-curricular  that is designed to develop and extend to student’s intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Students build their confidence to continue to aspire to achieve in their academic studies through school co-curricular program that encompasses performing arts, sports activities, community involvement.

  • Extensive sporting facilities including an indoor double court gymnastic, outdoor court-being able to participate a wide range of sports activities

  • orchestra ensembles, rock bands, choirs, dance companies, drama production, visual arts much more

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